Nice to meet you! My name is Ron Fox and the young lady next to me is my business partner Malory Burkhalter. We both grew up Downriver and know that a good community can make all the difference in your life.

We also know that finding the right home can be a challenge. The Downriver Area made us who we are today and we cherish the opportunity to serve its residents and those who wish to be. In partnership with you, we will find the right home for you and your family to flourish.

With over 45 years of combined sales and marketing experience we can help you to navigate one of the biggest (If not the biggest) investments of your life with ease. Let’s find your place Downriver together.

Christmas Party

We also have the pleasure of working with two of the most principled. caring, and knowledgeable Realtors in the state, Darrul Stocks and Sarah Cooper. While they don’t market themselves as a team, make no mistake we are all family.

One of our goals when we opened Downriver Homes was to partner only with the best and the brightest, which is why Sarah was the first Realtor invited to our brokerage.

We had worked with Darrul for many years as he was and still is our Home Inspector of choice. The value and integrity he brings to this team is unmeasurable.

In an industry where Brokers often times try to diversify their services, we focus primarily on residential sales in the downriver market. Hence the name of our brokerage.

Darrul Stocks
Sarah Cooper

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We’re Not Only Realtors, We’re Your Neighbors

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