The Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent

Why should you choose to work with a real estate agent? Isn’t buying a new home expensive enough without splitting the cost with another party? Actually, standard practice is that the person selling the home pays the real estate agent’s fee (although this commission may be split down the middle if two real estate agents are working with the same house). If you’re looking at houses for sale in Downriver, Michigan, then opting for a local real estate agent from a realtor like Downriver Homes can help you find the home that’s best for you without wasting your money or time.

Saving Time

Narrowing down homes you want to walk through can be a very time-consuming process. Chances are, you’re still working at your day job, which can limit the amount of time you can spend browsing for homes. If you have other family obligations, such as kids to spend time with, then this can reduce your free time even further. Even if you have the free time available for house hunting, it’s easy to get sucked in or to waste time looking at homes that are outside your price range or do not include the features you’re looking for. A real estate agent will help you find homes in the area you are looking at that are priced appropriately and which accurately match your search criteria. Your agent can attend open houses for new homes on your behalf so that you don’t need to.

  • Your real estate agent has access to the Multiple Listing Service, which is an online tool for searching available homes that you, a non-real estate agent, may not have access to

Agents Know the Right Price

The real estate market can change frequently, and a local real estate agent will keep on top of the homes in a specific area as their prices and interest rates change. Your real estate agent can tell you about the value of each neighborhood, how safe it is, the quality of the schools, and if the homes you are looking at are priced too high for the neighborhood’s value. Your agent can help you find the home that’s right for you.

Paid By Commission

Your real estate agent doesn’t want to slap you with a low-quality home. Agents are paid by commission, and if you are unsatisfied with their work and switch agents partway through your house hunting experience, they may struggle to find more clients in the future (while helping you find the home of your dreams reflects highly on them and the realtor company). In other words, a good agent wants to find your dream home just as much as you do, and they will put in the time and work searching so that you don’t have to!


Of course, your real estate agent will have experience with the housing market (and with closing deals) that you don’t. Don’t overlook how valuable your agent’s experience can be.

Searching houses for sale in Downriver, Michigan? Downriver Homes can help you find the perfect one. Let’s connect! Contact our office today and we can get started with the search.

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  1. It’s great that you pointed out how a real estate agent could help their clients find the home that’s right for them. We are planning to sell our current house and buy a new house in turn. This is a pretty major move, so I think it would be best if we hire a professional to help us out, like a sellers real estate agent.

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